Executive Search

North Hill is working to revolutionize the traditional executive search model by combining the power of technology, data, human-centric expertise, and highly specialized approach to leadership roles.  This data driven approach brings quantifiable results coupled with pinpoint matches for your most critical hires.

Retained Search

At North Hill we have found a sweet spot in our retained practice at the Manager,  Director and Vice President levels.  Borrowing from our executive search model and combining the power of technology, data, human centric expertise we are able to surgically extract candidates that truly are best in class.

Contingency Search

There are occasions when our firm works on a contingency basis.  We bring quality candidates to positions when circumstances dictate that a contingency search is mutually beneficial.

Project Based Hiring & Contracting

We have extensive experience bringing highly qualified contracting talent to the table.  Additionally, we have successfully helped build client teams on a project basis.